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MostBet reviews

MostBet has a strong presence not only in the Nigerian gambling segment, but also around the world. The company is particularly popular with players from India, Asia and Europe. In this review, we will look at reviews of MostBet in the English-speaking segment of betting and find out how they feel about this bookmaker.

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General information about MostBet

MostBet is a project that combines a bookmaker's office with an online casino. The company is therefore illegal in Nigeria. Accordingly, it operates under a Curacao license. Despite this, the project attracts a lot of players. It operates in 93 countries and is translated into 25 languages.

The languages of MostBet
Selecting a language on the website

But the main ones are English. Let's take a look at the reviews of MostBet by English-speaking players.

General feedback on bookmaker MostBet

Most of the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. There are neutral ones, with a minimum of negative ones. In principle, it is normal for betting shops, especially those with casinos, to have a wide variation in their ratings. Someone encounters technical errors, others are not happy with the long verification process, someone doesn't like playing through mirrors or VPNs.

See what they say about MostBet.

feedback on MostBet from 11.10.22
Feedback on the use of the Perfect Money wallet

This review points out that there were no technical problems, although the bettor uses the atypical Perfect Money wallet. By the way, MostBet has a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal methods. Transactions in both directions do not take much time – on average, from a minute to a couple of hours (in case of specific means of payment).

Feedback on MostBet
An example of positive feedback

This player points out that the bookmaker MostBet has a wide line with a powerful spread of events. The company actually offers more than 20 sports. In reality, there are even 30 – a very good figure. The huge coverage is rightly noted as well. Monthly MostBet covers more than 20 thousand events (matches, meetings, tournaments, championships) in all fields. The biggest coverage is in football. Basketball, volleyball and cricket are slightly behind. But this user doesn't seem to have used the cyber sports section. Otherwise he would have noticed that the lineup there is vastly superior to the counterparts' offerings.

feedback on MostBet from 29.05.22
Feedback on the bonus games

The following review shows that the player was impressed by the number of free, bonus games. This is the third distinctive aspect of the office. Its players are often not attracted by the project's super-broad line-up, but by a serious array of free bets: freebies with freespins, bonus games, internal leagues, and cashback for completing daily tasks. The system is so curious that earning bonuses becomes just as much fun as spending them. This creates a kind of quest that attracts a huge number of users. In this aspect, MostBet definitely has no problems.

Occasionally, there are technical errors. One of them was encountered by the author of the following review:

feedback on MostBet from 19.10.22
A review of a gaming error

An unfortunate situation, a gambling error, but no casino or bookmaker is immune to it. There are no perfect mechanisms, the main thing is how quickly the company solves the problem and whether it is solved in principle. At MostBet such appeals are processed very quickly. Only in this case, the gambler didn't decide to write to the support team (you should have), but to post the review on the rating agency's website. However, MostBet support found the user there as well, giving him a detailed explanation of the issue.

Response to feedback
Response to feedback from customer service

Please note: The response came the next day. The delay was due to the user not contacting the support team directly. Obviously, it is not easy for project staff to check feedback on hundreds of resources in 25 languages, so there was no immediate response. But a day's difference is a very good indicator.

Another review in which a player is amazed at the number of bonuses in the system, as well as the variety of ways to win.

feedback on MostBet from 10.06.22
An example of a bonus praising the bonus system on the website

Accordingly, based on aggregate reviews, it is quite a “solid” bookmaker, trying to attract players with quality rather than quantity.

Cash transaction reviews at MostBet

The question that most worries players, whether at MostBet or at any other bookmaker’s or online casino, is whether withdrawals are fast, whether deposits are easy and what means of payment are allowed?

And the reviews say the following.

Feedback on withdrawal of funds
Example of a positive withdrawal feedback from a bookmaker

No deductions, no illegal withdrawals. Honesty is one of the most important qualities of MostBet. Very easy verification procedure is also worth mentioning. It consists of entering the number of one document proving your identity into your account and then having it verified by the moderator. No need to send passport screenshots or photos in front of the open personal account.

Positive feedback
Another positive review

Another gambler who rated the project highly. Again, the main factor is the absence of any delays in money transfers. For many gamblers, this is the most important factor on which they base their choice in favour of a particular bookmaker.

Dozens of independent reviews have shown us that our English-speaking colleagues are often impressed by the variety of payment methods, and the speed of withdrawals and deposits.

Payments for withdrawal
List of means of payment

Overall, it's unclear why the author is surprised. After all, in fact, MostBet has many more deposit/withdrawal methods than he stated in his review.

So in that respect, MostBet is one of the leading gambling platforms in the world.

Feedback on MostBet's customer service

The best indicator is not so much the reviews, as the fact that the support staff monitors these reviews on dozens of sites. They give recommendations, explanations or immediately write to the player in private, if he puts his ID number on the official website. We have already seen one example of response from the support, but it is not the only one.

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Sometimes it's just a polite response to an evaluation:

Response to feedback dated 10.06.22
Response from the support team

And sometimes recommendations or advice, as in response to feedback about payment service failures. But in this case, the technical problems occurred at the customer service, which was just temporarily not working.

Response to feedback dated 10.11.22
Recommendation for feedback from the helpdesk

And there is also plenty of positive feedback about the excellent work of technical support.

Testimonial about MostBet dated 08.09.22
High praise for the work of technical support

Yes, neutral or negative reviews occur too. Sometimes it is related to the technical part of the website or app, as well as the payment services, but never to the work of the support team.

Consequently, we conclude that MostBet has assembled a good staff to deal with customer issues.

Feedback from rating agencies

Most agencies give MostBet a rating between 4 and 4.7. In almost all of the ratings, the project's score has been rising steadily over the past two years. Somewhere it rose from 2 to 4, somewhere – from 3 to 4.5. The project is on a path of continuous improvement.

Conclusions from the feedback are mostly positive.

Feedback from the rating agency
Agency feedback on MosBet's work

The flexibility of the support desk, which can not only accept enquiries in 25 languages but also respond to them – a rarity even for large bookmakers.

Feedback on Mostbet's support team
Positive feedback from the agency on customer service

On the respected Bookmaker Rating, MostBet has a score of 4 – a very high score. And the bonus system, which we've talked about more than once, is a 5.


We will join most agencies and independent experts in their opinion. MostBet is indeed steadily evolving. Technically the site is getting better and more functional, in terms of customer service – the support team works like clockwork. The extensive bonus system, which keeps up to 30 promotions active at the same time, is probably the best in today's market. Almost no one can compete with Mostbet in terms of bonuses. That's why, for newcomers in particular, it's the best way to get started in the gambling and betting world.

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