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MostBet deposit

MostBet is one of the top ten platforms in different countries, attracting the attention of thousands of bettors and gamblers, also because the project has a casino. If you are new to the platform, the first thing you want to know is how to withdrawal MostBet.

Our review will help you understand all types of deposits and withdrawals. We will also compare them to make it easier for you to choose the most suitable one for you.

Register and get a bonus from MostBet
💰💰💰 Register and get a bonus from MostBet 💰💰💰

How to make a deposit at MostBet

MostBet offers several options for withdrawing winnings. Some of them are quite exotic, but also convenient for bettors who use international wallets and payment methods.

Before depositing, as well as for withdrawing funds to MostBet, you need to go through the registration procedure. It is available in four forms.

First – in one click.

Registration on MostBet in one click
Registration in one click

This is a simplified format, more suitable for familiarisation purposes than for real gambling and betting.

The second option is to register using your phone number, to which you will receive a confirmation code.

Registering with MostBet by phone
Registration by telephone

A third way is to register with an email address – you will need to confirm your account via a link that will be sent to your email address.

Register for MostBet by e-mail
Registration by e-mail

The fourth way is to register via social networks. You'll need an open social network page and a logged-in account. Or, as in the case of registering from a smartphone at Mostbet, the application of the chosen social network.

Sign up for MostBet via your social network
Registration via a social network

Once registration is complete, it is necessary to log in with a username and password.

The user now has a personal account and accounts at the MostBet. To go to the top-up menu, click on the relevant field next to the specific account.

Private office and account
Top-up button

We will be taken to the section choosing the payment system, bank cards or e-wallets.

There is also a second way to go directly to the section through your personal cabinet by selecting the appropriate option in the MostBet menu – deposit to your account.

Account menu
Top up your account from the account menu

How to make a deposit to your MostBet account

MostBet offers several methods of funding your account: e-money, bank cards, cryptocurrency and others. The system itself suggests the options most suitable for gamblers from a particular region.

Payments at MostBet
List of payment methods for depositing at MostBet

Deposit methods:

  • Bank cards Visa, Mastercard. No matter the bank, any of them officially operating in Nigeria will do.
  • Direct P2P top-up. Client money transfer.
  • Electronic wallets. Piastrix Wallet, FK Wallet, Wallet and Point, Qiwi.
  • Sky Pay payment system.
  • Various cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, litecoin, ether, z-cash, dogecoin, via Binance.
  • Mobile operators.
Topping up your account with Visa
Topping up your MostBet account with a Visa card

Comparative table of methods of depositing a game account at MostBet

Method Fee Maximum amount Time
Bank cards Present at some banks, the amount depends on the specific institution 650 000 naira Less than 1 hour
P2P 0.2% 650 000 naira Up to 3 hours
Electronic wallets 0.3% 650 000 naira Less than an hour
Cryptocurrency Depending on the type of cryptocurrency wallet, fees for ether and bitcoin – 0.4%, but this is a fee from the payment aggregator itself Without limit Instant, if the transaction is confirmed
Mobile phone operators 0.1% 160 000 naira Up to 2 hours
Cash 0.2% 65 000 naira Up to 2 hours

Bonuses on deposits at MostBet

You can top up your MostBet account not only conveniently, but also profitably. The project's extensive bonus system allows you to receive nice gifts when you make a deposit for the first time. The standard bonus is 125% on top of the amount deposited. For 65,000 naira, the BC gives you 145,000. The maximum bonus is 165,000. For avid gamblers, there is an additional promotion – 250 freespins after a deposit of 30000 – in any slot without limit, and there are a lot of them in the project. For sports betting enthusiasts, freebies are available on the first deposit.

Bonuses from MostBet
Examples of bonuses on the website

To receive the Welcome Bonus, you must top up your account no later than 7 days after registering.

Deposit from the MostBet app

The Mosbet project has a mobile app available on Android and iOS. It can be downloaded from the official website of the MostBet. The app is free and fully replicates the functionality of the website. Accordingly, the depositing procedure is the same.

Recharging an account from a mobile site

The mobile version of the project has a slightly different design, which sometimes confuses bettors. However, this has absolutely no effect on the functionality – from the mobile version the account is deposited within the same limits and timeframes as on the official project portal.

Register and get a bonus from MostBet
💰💰💰 Register and get a bonus from MostBet 💰💰💰

Depositing from the MostBet mirror

A mirror is a complete clone of the site, using the same server data as the original. It is reported that every month more than 8 thousand players from different countries prefer to work with MostBet through a mirror.

Replenishment errors

These are very rare and usually occur in two cases.

The first error occurs if the page does not open when you go to the BK's service, it remains blank. To correct this, simply reload the tab and repeat the procedure.

The second error is a transaction processing error. The reasons for the error may be the following:

  • the bank does not want to cooperate with accounts that belong to the BC; a virtual card or a new e-wallet account will help here.
  • An incorrect amount has been entered: It is too large or the user of the bank has entered invalid characters in the deposit amount field..

How to withdrawal MostBet money

As already mentioned, you can withdraw your winnings from MostBet using various systems. And all of them are safe. The fact that MostBet transfers money even to cryptocurrency wallets shows its reliability and seriousness. Few competitors of MostBet pay so much attention to the technical component.

It is important to know that withdrawal is possible only to the payment instrument that was used to form the deposit. You can change it, but it is recommended to do it in advance, because the moderators leave themselves time to check before making changes.

It should be noted that MostBet calculates withdrawals to cryptocurrencies at the general market rate at the time of ordering. Given the fluctuations in crypto at the moment, you should be careful and check the position of the chosen kino/token before making an order.

To withdraw funds from MostBet, you will need to:

  • have money in your BC account to withdraw;
  • To withdraw funds from MostBet you need:
  • send an application.

How to apply

Let's look at the algorithm of how to withdraw money from MostBet. First of all, you need to fill in all the personal data in the Loyalty Box.

Personal data section
Switching to “Personal data”

Specify the currency in which you wish to settle with the bookmaker's office, fill in the fields with first name, surname, country, city, document number.

Account details
Form for entering account details

Next, select the “Withdraw Money” option in MostBet – menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

Withdraw from account at MostBet
“Withdraw from account” in the personal office menu

It will take us to a page where you can choose the withdrawal method for the money you win.

All that remains is to identify the appropriate payment system. We click on it, an order application is formed, we specify the amount. That's all, the application to withdraw money to MostBet is done.


To withdraw large sums of money, you will need verification. It is very simple: all you have to do is give your ID number. After its verification by the moderator, restrictions are removed. No screenshots or photos are required.

Verification at MostBet
Passing through verification

Comparative table of ways to withdraw money from MostBet

Consider the payment methods in comparison, choosing which withdrawal option at MostBet is right for you.

Method Fee Maximum amount Time
Bank cards Depends on bank 325 000 naira 5 minutes to 2 hours
P2P 0% 325 000 naira From 1 hour to 3 hours
Electronic wallets 0.1% 325 000 naira 5 minutes to an hour
Cryptocurrency Depending on type of cryptocurrency wallet, current value of kino/token on market Without limit Instant
Mobile network operators 0.2% 165 000 naira Up to an hour

Withdrawals from MostBet mirror, mobile site, app

As already mentioned, MostBet's mobile app on iOS or Android, the mobile version and the mirror of the official BK website replicate its functionality. Accordingly, withdrawals follow the same algorithm.

Common withdrawal mistakes

Unlike deposits, withdrawal errors are very rare. In most cases, it is a technical problem on the recipient's side.

The most common mistake is trying to withdraw money to a different account than the one specified in the user settings. The solution is either to change the details in the profile or withdraw the money to another payment system.

It happens that players try to withdraw an amount in one go that exceeds the limit set by the betting provider. To solve this problem, it is enough to split the request into several withdrawals.

What to do if you can't withdraw your money

The following steps are required:

  • reload the MostBet website page;
  • Try again;
  • Check that the details in the settings match those specified for withdrawal;
  • Check that the account, card and wallet to which the funds are being withdrawn are working properly;
  • Check whether the profile page is fully populated.


MostBet is an honest office, which is confirmed by our close examination of the deposit/withdrawal system of this betting company. There are no strange “hang-ups” of transactions, problems usually arise only from the payment services used by the bettor.

The speed of withdrawals and deposits is impressive. Often, betting firms with a casino in their structure delay the withdrawal of their users' winnings not even by hours, but by days. At MostBet, the maximum time limit for withdrawal was 53 minutes.

Register and get a bonus from MostBet
💰💰💰 Register and get a bonus from MostBet 💰💰💰

Moreover, you don't need to verify your account for the withdrawal of quite large amounts from MostBet: you just give your ID number and in 40-50 minutes all the limits will be removed.


How long does it take to withdraw money from MostBet to my card?

From 5 minutes to 2 hours, the average is 20 minutes.

How much money can I withdraw from MostBet at a time?

Depends on the payment system, the limit for bank cards is 325,000 naira.

Does MostBet have bonuses on the first deposit?

Yes, both in the form of a no deposit bonus and freespins with freebies.

Can I withdraw money from MostBet in crypto?

Yes, pretty much any.

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